Inside Out Golf Swing


The inside out golf swing is a fundamental aspect to learn the golf swing basics. If you want to put your game to the next level you have to learn and practice how to hit the ball right. Golf and especially the inside out of the golf swing is very hard to learn. Several resources are available that teaches you the basics of mental fitness. About 30% of your game is mental fitness. Without a solid stance you won´t be able to hit the ball straight. Golf is time consuming when it comes to the golf swing basics. Like I said practice and mental fitness goes hand in hand.

How to Make it happen

This motion will help you stop slicing the ball; the reason you slice is usually because you are swinging from outside to inside like most players; therefore correcting this problem should help you hit the ball straight and even get a slight draw.

Why you slice

How do you correct these problems and develop the inside out golf swing you want?

Let the arms fall

When you just focus on letting the arms fall naturally you allow your lower body to clear out before your upper body comes through, which is key for hitting a draw.

Visualize the right plane

Hit it Like the Pro’s

Place the first ball down, positioned ready to hit. Now address the first ball and when you start your backswing you want to avoid hitting the second ball. Then try and up your swing tempo and hit some full shots using the same technique.

Method number 2 can be started without any golf balls, just do some practice swings and then you can bring a ball into hit again after you have gotten comfortable with it. You want to make this spot about 2 inches above the straight path your club should swing in. Now pick a spot to the right of your club head (again, only if you’re right handed) and about 2 inches below the natural swing path. Now start making a few practice swings and concentrate on bringing your club away and over the second spot, and when you start your downswing you want to imagine hitting the first spot.